At the heart, AlphaPoint University is a series of training modules and documentation which includes a series of online training videos and other collateral that you can find in our customer wiki. It is also available as an in-person formal training session that can occur via virtual meeting, at our AlphaPoint offices, or on-site with our customers and partners.

AlphaPoint University is about training and enabling our partners and systems integrators to add new modules and new capabilities to the AlphaPoint platform. This includes a variety of components and features that are not core to AlphaPoint, such as know your customer and anti-money laundering features, payment processor and banking integrations, a variety of wallet software enhancements integrations, and others.

We work with partners whom have the capabilities to add to the AlphaPoint platform and ecosystem. Also, we have recently started to certify systems integrators or development shops to be able to understand how to extend and integrate new features on behalf of our customers and partners.

    Available courses

    Video Series for Chivo Onboarding.

    APEX101 is a growing Tree of Knowledge for all things APEX. In this Video Repo we start from a trunk of key concepts that branch out into more targeted leaves. This course can be consumed piece by piece or refered back to as a quick refrence. We plan to utilize these videos in stardard course formats in the future as use cases arrise.